sunset spiral

  • sunset spiral

colored pencil on 9 x 12" bristol paper

We wandered to the water. The water was bursting at the seams. In case you didn't know, water wears water. It sometimes can wear other items, but water is mainly what it wears. It's sort of like Americans and blue jeans.

The sunset was very beautiful and was wrung together by human hands accidentally. Toxicity can feel beautiful sometimes. It would be nice if it was easier to navigate the world, if beauty meant beauty and ugliness meant ugliness. I imagine myself jumping from one beautiful ledge to another.

There are enough things and resources for everyone to be okay if we really wanted it. I guess some people don't really want it. Humans are interesting in that way. Maybe we are getting better. Maybe I am getting better. Spirals can mean many things, and you're a spiral. I'm a spiral. Everything is a spiral.